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100% Collagen Supplementation No filler ingredients or additives, this mask is made of 100% collagen featuring electrospun nanofibers that are 40x smaller than the human pore for maximum absorption for a simplistic step towards smoother skin.

Fast absorbing, 100% collagen mask that melts into
the face for bouncy, luminous skin.

2.5g / 4 Sheets Each / 5 Sets Total (200g including packaging)

Why it's special

1. 100% Pure New Zealand Marine Collagen: no waste and absorbs immediately into your skin.
2. Helps with elasticity, hydration, and helps smooth out wrinkles.
3. Vegan, cruelty-free, certified sustainably derived by the Marine Stewardship Council.


Brightening / Elasticity / Hydration / Wrinkles

How to Use

1. Thoroughly double cleanse and dry face. Make sure hands are dry before applying sheets.
2. Prep skin by spraying Vieton Oil Mist on face and allow to dry until skin is just slightly tacky (the mask needs something to adhere to).
3. Make sure hands are completely dry and remove clear plastic backing. Place collagen sheets white side down onto face (forehead, cheeks, and neck). If mask is not adhering right away, lightly spray Oil Mist again.
4. Remove beige application sheets after applying to face.
5. Spray Dermatalogy Booster EX onto the face until collagen is thoroughly absorbed.
6. Lightly spread the melted sheets onto face.
Optional 7. Finish routine with Dermatology Serum EX, another spritz of the Dermatalogy Booster EX. Massage in Active Cream EX to finish.

*Use once a week or daily for a week before a special event


Key Ingredient: New Zealand Collagen(800,000ppm), Hydrolyzed Collagen(200,000ppm)


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