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For thousands of years, people have engaged in the practice of buying and selling goods from their friends, family and peers as a source of income. Here at RIMAN, just as we respect ancient practices of holistic self-care, we want to embrace this age-old practice to help those around the world who are looking unlock their full earning potential.

We are proud to continue this tradition in today’s marketplace by providing the strength of a simple and effective e-commerce and logistics infrastructure to help you share your favorite RIMAN products with those around you. Backed by a robust compensation plan that pays 10-45% commissions, we are confident that starting your journey as a RIMAN Planner today has the potential to be your first step in experiencing #TheRIMANDifference, a lifestyle difference you will love.

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Whether you are looking for a side hustle, or a full-time commitment, the RIMAN opportunity pays in 2 main ways. For full details, review our RIMAN Compensation Plan here.

Start your journey to a more youthful, radiant life today! Register as a Customer to begin receiving 5% back on all purchases immediately, or enroll as a Planner to receive between 10-45% in rewards simply by sharing your favorite RIMAN Ritual products, and growing a team!